1:1 Coaching Programmes

Regrettably, no news,  means... exactly that.

Regrettably, no news, means… exactly that.

Are you stuck in the job search danger zone?

Here are three  programmes for individuals who are actively looking for a career change but are encountering challenges!

  • You are not producing the results you would like,  or even any results at all.  Or maybe you just want change at a  faster pace.
  • You are not getting calls or mails from recruiters and executive search specialists.
  • Your online profile has few hits.
  • Your networking efforts are not effective.
  • You are starting to feel isolated and even depressed.

Regrettably, no news,  means… exactly that.

But these are all the same strong messages to self: something needs to be done differently.

Programme 1: One time Career Audit

– 1 hour career audit coaching via Skype providing an analysis, audit and overview of your career to date including:

  • Basic career review -audit of professional and personal goals.
  • Audit of online presence, particularly professional profile
  • CV review
  •  Network analysis
  • General SWOT analysis of career to date
  • Action points for self implementation

This will point you in the right direction to allow you the opportunity to  make changes on your own or pursue further coaching options.

Programme 2:  Reboot your Message

Reboot your Message
Reboot your Message

  This programme is suitable for anyone who feels their message is tired, out of date or needs a refresh.

It will help you

  • Identify your transferable skills
  • Formulate your USP
  • Introduce you to powerful language
  • Create an effective CV mission statement and  strong LinkedIn summary
Fast Track Visibility

Fast Track Visibility

Programme 3: Fast Track Visibility Programme:

3 hours  coaching sessions  ( face-to -face or via Skype) +  3 months job search support,  unlimited online editing of documents and profiles

  •  Audit of career and personal goals. Are they aligned?
  • Audit of CV and creation of strong key worded mission statement.
  • Audit of online presence and strengthening of SEO ranking
  • Strategic networking:  creating alliances and identifying target networks
  • Network introduction and identification of target companies
  •  3 months job search support  including unlimited online editing of documents and profiles

For further information please email: dorothy.dalton@skynet.be

These programmes can be Face to Face  (Brussels based) or online by appointment

Additional modules on:  Interview Preparation and follow-up,  Public Speaking and  Personal Image are optional extras according to requirements.

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