Two Careeer Coaching for Couples

Does this resonate? Create a congruent career strategy.

Does this resonate? Create a congruent career strategy.

What kind of career couple are you?

  • Two careers but with individual goals?
  • One career/ one job —  you have compromised or made sacrifices in your career to support your partner.
  • One career / two people –  you have given up your career to support your partner ( e.g. trailing spouse,  taking parental leave)

Do you tick any of the boxes  and are struggling with:

  • a lack of professional satisfaction, recognition or reward
  • feeling overwhelmed and over scheduleded
  •  an imbalance between your professional and personal lives
  •  lack of time for yourself
  • Your relationship is suffering
  • Need help defining goals
  • Need support to create and implement a strategy

Our professional and personal lives are intertwined. Don’t wait for a crisis or for a perfect situation to evolve or an imperfect situation to  self -correct.  It may not happen on its own.

 Get support to create a congruent career strategy:

  • Identify your goals, values and vision  individually and as a true partnership
  • Create a personal strategy and synthesise them into one cohesive, congruent strategy to meet your individual and joint goals
  • Identify your priorities
  • Hone your time management skills
  • Take care of  yourself
  • Nurture your relationship
  • Achieve professional satisfaction and career success

For further information on this new programme contact:

Dorothy Dalton + 32 2 633 36 20  or email:

This programme can be carried out face to face (Brussels based) or for busy couples on line coaching via webinar with even two different locations possible.

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