Dorothy is one of the best investments I ever made in myself. Thanks to her guidance, I found a super job in a top company in record time while building my foundation for a healthy work/private-life balance.  Dorothy’s methodology and approach proved to be exactly what I needed to achieve results in my job-search. If you are searching for someone to help you get to the next step in your professional life, or guide you to find the power to break through the glass ceiling, or if you are simply looking for someone or career coach to help you better understand yourself in order to be a happier and more effective at work: Dorothy is the one to go to”  Hanne Refslund Sales Director BENERA & Nordics New Voice Media

I would say first and foremost Dorothy really helped me get to the essence of where I am today career wise, and helped narrow down the options for whats next in order to make a choice that worked best for me taking into account both personal and professional needs. More specifically, Dorothy as a career coach helped with the following: – Building a consistent message across my online presence – Optimize my use of social media in a way that made sense for me – Articulate my core message in a cohesive manner that also was an expression of my persona and created the right impact – Become more intentional in what I communicate online about myself and professional endeavor – Learn the ins and out of Linkedin and Twitter.  It was a great experience working with Dorothy, aside from her knowledge, expertise and experience, I always felt she genuinely cared and was always authentic in how she showed up.  Nassim Ghrayeb, Innovator and Entrepreneur , Dubai/London 

“Dorothy is the ideal business partner. She goes straight to the point, picks up all the vibes and executes with creativity and speed. She is a pleasure to work with for a demanding customer. She will deliver quality, on time, every time. “Chapeau“!”   Anders Borg, President Hansar International. Chairman of the Association of Executive Search Consultants,Brussels  

I have known Dorothy for 5 years and regard her very highly as an exceptionally insightful coach and talent management strategist. Uniquely, Dorothy combines her work as an executive search specialist with career transition coaching; she is thus ideally placed to not only help organisations locate and recruit high potential, high performing executives, but help those executives in their on-boarding and transition to their new roles. Dorothy is additionally very well connected and has made several introductions to me of contacts of hers who have proven to be extremely helpful professionally. I am delighted to recommend Dorothy very highly and look forward to working further with her in the future.” Simon Fletcher, Dubai

“Dorothy is exactly what you “wish” an International Talent Management Strategist should be: she has a deep and detailed knowledge of the subject, she is consistent and reliable, available and punctual at each step of the process and really a kind person, as well as a very talented professional. I appreciated very much her approach and style and I strongly recommend her Paola Rosa Legal Manager at Techint Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale S.p.A. Milan

I was stuck on the edge of my comfort zone when Dorothy gave me a nudge over the top. I felt uncomfortable and pushed back  angry, reluctant to accept responsibility for my self sabatoaging tactics. When I railed she was  calm and philosophical and told me this is where change takes place and one day I would learn to own my achievments. It took me a while- but I got there. She was right! A good career coach will occasionally make us feel uncomfortable”   Beatrice  C, Brussels

Dorothy has deep and fast understanding of how her assignment has to be structured in order to be most effective with respect to specific company/employee’s needs. Her long experience and practical approach allow to achieve best possible results in short amount of time. She builds an immediate feeling of trust and confidence thanks to a perfect mix of demanding professional relationship with motivating, pleasant, understanding attitude.” Luigi Rivetti, Executive VP Orlane , Paris

Hi Dorothy – this is just to let you know that within a month of sending out my new CV which we worked on together, I landed a real job. My new employer said it is fantastic and what attracted them to me! THANK you for all your help and for introducing me to LinkedIn and 3Plus. I am telling all my friends!” Imogen Woodward, London, Class 2011, London

“Who do you go to when all you know is what you don’t want to do? Dorothy!   With her career coaching, she helped me lose my negativity, rediscover my self belief, build my self-confidence and become energised. It all seemed so seamless. I had been stuck in what she calls “yes/but” for years, but taking small steps I found out where I wanted to go and to get out there and do it! She was supportive when I needed it and also demanding when she had to be. Highly recommended.” Tracey P, Brussels

Working with Dorothy was an absolute pleasure! She was able to provide great input into designing the career coaching plan I wanted for my MBA students. Dorothy is a very tech-savvy professional who used her in-depth knowledge of social media, career coaching, and corporate connections to provide excellent services for my program. I look forward to continued collaboration with Dorothy and highly recommend her to other clients.” Roderick Lewis – Director MBA Career Management Programme Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova

Dorothy has worked with me productively while based in Brussels on activities across Benelux and France. She has the required discipline (firmness) to rule out candidates, saving me time; yet also excellent listening and coaching skills for managers.”   Ray Kubis, President EnerSys Europe

Dorothy is simply excellent…! I had a privilege to work closely with her recently, she is trustworthy, insightful and resourceful. Thanks to her dedicated support, I could build a solid framework and milestone to make my dream come true. I would strongly recommend her for those who are looking for the first-class professional business coach to further develop their executive career.” Junichi Kato , DHL Global Mail, Singapore

A friend suggested I talk to Dorothy before my annual appraisal interview.  Although my performance reviews were fine,  I had still been turned  down for 2 internal promotions and wanted see what I could do. Dorothy taught me some basic  preparation strategies and how to handle the interview differently to get the information I needed to prepare for future applications –whether inside the company or externally.  Great support!   Pascale L , Brussels

Thanks to Dorothy and her programme I managed to find a very good job even in crisis time.” June 15, 2009  Omer Baturlap  Vice President Africa,M.East, CIS , CSM, Brussels 

“I hadn’t worked for almost 15 years  in a corporate environment while my children were going through school and all my focus and energy had been on my family.   Via her excellent career coaching program Dorothy helped me sort out in my own mind exactly what I wanted to do with my life and guided me while I discovered the things I was really good at – I just didn’t know it,  or had simply forgotten. It’s been an illuminating and formative experience. I’m now on a completely different track looking into opening my own business”.   Cathi C, U.S. A.

About two years ago Dorothy helped me rewrite my CV and with  her help this turned out to be the start of a life changing journey. During the process  she made me realise that what I considered to be minor achievements or even just normal processes of evolution could, in fact, be considered by impartial observers to be significant achievements and major successes. This whole process started me thinking about my life in general with a completely different perspective. It helped me make the decision to embark on two journeys of self discovery…”  . June 2009 Martin H. Luxembourg

 I was deeply impressed by the professionalism of Dorothy Dalton. I read of HTS (Hansar Transition Services) and we met for a working session. I immediately perceived the added value of her tips and the thoroughness of her recommendations. She can at a glimpse evaluate your cv and indicate the improvements that can really make the difference in a job search. I sincerely think individuals in career transition and outplacement bureaus could gain great efficiency when using her know-how and state-of-the-art competences.”  Philippe Decre, Brussels

“A transition period is never an easy period in a professional life, being it chosen or not. Dorothy helped me dig deep into myself to extract my skills and achievements. I built a new CV, I set my goals and strategy, I made myself visible on the market. This would have not been possible without the very efficient and effective coaching of Dorothy. All of this does not make the transition easier, but Dorothy gave me the tools to go through the best possible way.” Christophe Monnier,  Brussels

Dorothy was the first person I turned to support me through the job searching process . She helped restore my self belief and introduced me to all the latest on- line   and   job search techniques!    They work!  Thank you!   Paul W, London

When I contacted Dorothy I was pretty lost. Didn’t know what I wanted, what I could do or where I was going.  With incredible patience , insight and   quite a bit  of firmness she’s  supported me  while I  flailed around until  I finally formulated a plan… ”   Mary O , UK

To successfully apply for a job you have to come in a specific state of mind. Everybody that ever applied knows what I’m talking about. If you don’t it’s time to talk to Dorothy. When after 14 years I found myself in a position that I had to apply for a job, Dorothy helped me in turning that “switch” and gave me a concrete structure to open myself for new challenges. Do not hesitate to contact me should you require more info.”  Nils Oudejans,  Brussels

Dorothy has my highest recommendation. She is a seasoned HR professional who knows how to deliver lasting value to her clientsRobert Eslampour, Paris

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